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About Yachats Forest Farm

Yachats Forest Farm is a 20-acre pasture and forest-based pig farm run by Laura Perazzoli and Will Susich. Our goal on the farm is to produce healthy food while also contributing to the resilience and health of the surrounding ecosystem.


We came to the land in 2018 after several years of looking at farms. When we first saw the then-abandoned farm, we knew that underneath all of the blackberries the place had a lot of potential. The land itself is full of life: the pastures have rich, soft, well-draining soil, the two rivers running through the farm are home to Coho and Chinook Salmon spawning grounds, and a constant flow of wildlife including eagles, elk, bears, bobcats and coyotes pass through from the neighboring Siuslaw National Forest.

After thinking about the needs of the land and our personal goals, we ultimately decided that pasture-raised pigs were an ideal fit. Pigs are a pleasure to be around — they have tons of personality and thrive living out in pasture and in the forest.  Additionally, they produce excellent, flavorful meat when raised outdoors. Nearly every part of the pig can be used to make delicious food and there are endless variations on cuts and recipes from around the world. Getting a whole or half pig is a good way to learn about, enjoy, and appreciate the whole animal.


From an ecological standpoint, pigs can have a beneficial effect on the land by helping to root out invasives like blackberries, while also supplementing their own nutrition. Through their impact, they also create space for us to reseed and replant areas in order to increase plant diversity and productivity through edge effects and increased perennials.  As we work with the pigs, we will also be collaborating on a project with the Lincoln County Soil and Water Conservation District and the NRCS to restore the wetland areas on our farm by planting willows and conifers to shade out the understory and benefit the salmon spawning grounds.

We're excited about the future as we look forward to getting the pigs on the farm, and to forming new relationships with people who want to get closer to their food. We are always happy to talk about our plans and processes in more detail and to set up a farm visit to walk through it together (to set up a farm visit, please email us at Thanks and check the FAQ page or let us know if you have additional questions.


Laura & Will

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