Reserve your Half pig share for Fall 2020.


For our neighbors & customers in Lincoln County, we're excited to be working with Coastal Cutters in Newport to harvest and process our pigs locally. Please note that Coastal Cutters is custom exempt, so you will work directly with the butcher for how you'd like your pork and you will pick your meat up directly from them this fall. Coastal Cutters does on-farm slaughter, which is much better for the pigs, since the pigs don't have to go on a stressful trailer ride to the butcher.


A half pig share is a wonderful way to stock your freezer with the highest quality, pasture-raised pork for the year. You'll take home somewhere between 60-90 lbs of meat, depending on the weight of the pig, and your selection of cuts and oddments.  


NB. This deposit reserves your pig share--the final cost of the pig is about $425 (the remainder of which you'll pay to us this fall) + butcher fees which you will pay directly to Coastal Cutters.


A half pig will give you roughly:

  • 8 lbs of Shoulder, for roasts or ground for sausage
  • 7 lbs of Picnic, for roasts or ground for sausage
  • 13 lbs of Loin, for rib & loin chops (about 13 chops); or for loin roasts & tenderloin
  • 1 racks of Spare Ribs, ~2 lbs
  • ~8 lbs of Belly, can be smoked for bacon or left fresh
  • ~15 lbs of Leg, which can be smoked/cured for ham, ground for sausage, or left uncured for roast or steaks
  • 8 lbs of Trim, which can be ground for sausage
  • 4 lbs of Hocks, which can be smoked, fresh, or ground for sausage
  • 6 lbs of Fat, which is great for home-rendering and using in cornbread, roasted veggies, and cooking your eggs

  • 18 lbs of bones, head, & trotters, which are great for use in stocks (and for less-well known dishes like Coppa di Testa (Italian headcheese))

What's the total cost?

The total cost per pig varies from $500-$625, depending on the weight of the pig and the cuts & cures you select. 

Check out our FAQ page for more info on cost.


How do you arrive at the cost?

The total cost is a combination of the hanging weight of the pig, plus the slaughter and butchery costs. The hanging weight of the pig is the weight of the pig after slaughter.  


For half pigs processed locally through Coastal Cutters, we charge $4.25/lb for the hanging weight of the pig, which is roughly 100lbs. So, the cost of the pig itself is about $425. 

The slaughter is $90 per pig, so $45/half, and the butchery and curing costs work out to between $100-$150 per pig, depending on which cuts and cures you prefer.

So, $425 (pig) + $45 (slaughter) + $125 (processing) = $595.


What is the volume of a half-pig share?

If you want all the oddments (bones, head, trotters, fat, etc.) along with the classic cuts, you’ll want to have about 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space (which is about the entire interior of the freezer on a top-mounted freezer-refrigerator). 1 cubic foot is about the size of a milkcrate. If you don’t plan to take the oddments, 3 cubic feet should be plenty of freezer space.


When do I get it? 

Our pigs will be slaughtered and butchered in October 2020, and you'll get your meat in November from Coastal Cutters. You will be working with them on your cut sheets (how you want your pork butchered) and they will schedule your final pick up date with you. We'll put you in touch with Coastal Cutters as we get closer to the fall, and we'll be here to answer any questions you have as well.


If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ page or send us an email at


Half Pig Share-Newport Pickup at Butcher